Your twenties are a time for freedom, exploration, and self discovery. Amidst the chaos of experiencing changes and transitioning to adulthood, travelling is a great way to really find yourself, discover your true passions and aspirations in life, and just experience life in a different way. Travelling more during these transformative years is more than just checking off your bucket list, but also a time of embracing new experiences, challenges, and opportunities as you enter the world of adulthood.
With me currently being in this transformative decade, I have had my fair share of travelling to different countries - from roaming around the streets of New York, to trying exotic food in the Bangkok street market, these experiences are something that I will never forget. During these different travels, I learned so many valuable lessons not just about different cultures and people, but also about myself and what I truly want to do in my life. I learned that I love learning about other cultures and people, that I’m always down to try new experiences, but I also learned that I hate long layovers, intense humidity, and sitting in the middle seat in the plane. These fun discoveries have helped me appreciate life more, and has given me a unique perspective about growth and self discovery. 
Travelling also gives you an opportunity to find inspiration and be more creative. Being stuck in the same place for a long time sometimes hinders you from being creative, and coming up with new ideas and things to do. Whether you’re on a hike somewhere in Hawaii, or visiting a gallery in Paris, each experience ignites your imagination where you might discover something new about yourself and what you want to do in your life. I was once on a hike with a friend in Hawaii, where he discovered how much he loves nature and captured photos of them. He eventually became a landscape photographer and has been selling photo prints of different landscapes around the world to architects, designers, and homeowners. 
In conclusion, travelling is more than just collecting stamps for your passport, or posting really cool photos on Instagram for your friends and family to see. While all those are still nice and fun, travelling is really all about self discovery, igniting creativity, and a unique preparation to really enter adulthood. So pack your bags, book that plane ticket, and go somewhere to start an adventure you have never experienced before. The world is waiting for you, along with the lessons you will learn that will shape your life in the future. 
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