When I was younger, I always wanted to be a pilot, as I enjoy playing with paper planes and watching Tom Cruise movies. That then turned into becoming an artist, as I developed a love in art and drawing when I was in middle school. When I was in highschool, I became interested in architecture, buildings, and interior design, which led to me wanting to become an architect. In college I decided to study hospitality management and film, as I realised that I wasn’t good enough in Math to become an architect. During these years I developed a passion in photography and film, where I started to photograph weddings and became a content creator for a hospitality brand. I realised that content creation and film was something that I was truly passionate about, and that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Your twenties are truly a crucial part of life as you really discover what your true passion is, and what you want to pursue in life. 
You should take this opportunity to embrace uncertainty, curiosity, and exploration. Be willing to try new things, and see what excites you the most. Maybe try to get into running, or be interested in food and cooking, or even start learning a new sport or activity. Whatever it may be, your willingness to try new things and explore different opportunities will help you find that true passion that you have been looking for. As you pay attention to what energises or excites you, you will notice that a true passion is something that ignites a special feeling of excitement within you, which will lead you to your true calling in life. 
It is also important to experience failures and setbacks. Life will always have ups and downs, and so is the passion that you are trying to search for. Setbacks and failures teach us a very important lesson, and are considered as a stepping stone to what true calling is. A friend of mine wanted to become a professional skateboarder. Even after years of doing it, he couldn’t seem to master and perfect the tricks and skills needed to become a professional. Although he ended up not becoming one, that experience led him to the world of fashion and retail, which he found out he was also very passionate about, in which became his now full-time job and even started his own clothing brand, selling his own pieces and clothing. 
As you find your true calling in life, you will experience challenges and hardships, but also growth, opportunities, and transformation. 
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