Some people say that in order to be good at something, you will need to start at a really young age - whether it be dancing, art, or any kind of sports. While I agree with that statement, I also believe that you can still develop skills in your 20’s and still be good at it. It is never too late! Sure, you might not become an NBA player, or create a painting that will be displayed in MOMA, but you can still develop certain skills that will not only enhance your productivity, but will also boost your confidence and self esteem. 
In my case, I started learning photography and film when I was 20. 7 years later, I would consider myself as a professional and I have done numerous professional and high end work for top brands and businesses. Now that I am in my late twenties, I started learning about graphic design. Although it is a tough learning process, I have been enjoying it and has been learning a lot recently. When you are brave enough to learn something new, you will surprise yourself on how you can still learn and develop a new skill or hobby, whether it will lead to something professional or not. 
Developing a new skill also requires connecting with individuals who are in the field you are interested in. You can perhaps attend a seminar or a workshop where you can learn more from people who have been doing it for a long time, and get some inspiration and tips on how to do the same. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be curious - there's no such thing as a bad question! I have done my fair share of connecting and attending events in which I was able to meet people and learn from their experiences as well. This goes along with getting a mentor who can have a more 1 on 1 consultation and help which can speed up the process of learning and development. 
In conclusion, developing new skills and talents in your 20s is a transformative journey that allows you to adapt, learn, and grow in this world full of opportunities. The pursuit of lifelong learning will always help you become the best version of yourself and be an inspiration to others in the future. 
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